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Dentist 11223Teeth Whitening:
Popular, safe, and effective, teeth whitening can makeover your image in about an hour. If you want a reason to smile, consider in-office professional teeth whitening for a brighter smile.

Porcelain Veneers:

Are you tired of your worn, damaged, or discolored smile? Do you wish your smile were straight and brilliant? Do you watch television and flip through magazines dreaming about a smile as beautiful as the smiles on models and stars? Wish no more! Your dream smile can become reality in as few as two dental visits with custom-made porcelain veneers.

Oral Health & Heart:
Believe it or not, how you take care of your teeth affects not only your oral health, but may well affect your heart health, too.

Sensitive Teeth:
Tooth enamel protects the porous underlying layer called dentin, and the tooth pulp, which contains nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues. Damaged or worn tooth enamel can cause sensitivity to pressure and temperature. We can help relieve the pain of tooth sensitivity.

Adult Tooth Decay:
There is a common and stealthy enemy that knows precisely how to destroy your enamel: tooth decay. Adults have much to be concerned about with tooth decay, for many reasons.

Cosmetic Dentist Brooklyn 11223Brushing:
You probably brush daily, and you may even floss your teeth, but did you know that proper dental homecare can protect you from pain, cavities, and potential overall health problems, including cardiovascular disease and stroke?

You may not realize that even when your mouth is clean, bacteria lurk in the warm, damp cave, growing and eating incessantly. An extra two or three minutes spent flossing each day can give you a huge advantage in the war against those bad bacteria.

Gum Disease:
It hides in your mouth, destroying gum tissue and teeth, and it can lead to strokes, heart attacks, and pregnancy complications. Don’t think it’s your problem? Conservative estimates report that up to 80 percent of the population unknowingly has gum disease in some form.

Some patients react to stress by grinding their teeth unconsciously during the day or, more commonly, while sleeping. The constant pressure and motion can harm teeth, as well as muscles and tissues in and around the jaw. This condition, known as bruxism, can be remedied with a nightguard.

Crowns can restore tooth shape, structure, strength, and function. Many materials are used for crowns, so how can you know which is best?

Composite Resins:
If cavities or dark fillings in your teeth keep you from smiling, consider composite resin fillings. By maintaining your natural tooth color with composite resin fillings, you can smile with confidence.

Sometimes a little chip, jagged edge, or a gap between front teeth can compromise an otherwise attractive smile. In these cases, cosmetic dentist Dr. Wei may recommend a very simple procedure, cosmetic bonding or contouring.

10 tips on choosing a cosmetic dentist:
The American Dental Association does not recognize cosmetic dentistry as a specialty, so any general dentist can claim to be a cosmetic dentist. How can you determine which cosmetic dentists you can trust? Here are some tips to keep in mind when shopping for a cosmetic dentist.

Dentist Cosmetic 11223 Brooklyn New YorkCosmetic Dentistry quiz:
A smile with misaligned front teeth can be made straight with:? Is Cosmetic dentistry affordable for people without dental insurance.? Smile makeover requires approximately?

Cosmetic dentistry vocabulary:
Aesthetics, Braces, Composite Resin, Cosmetic Dentistry, Crowns, Dentition, Enamel, Fillings, Gingiva, Gingivectomy, Impression, Inlay, Instant Orthodontics, Intraoral Camera, Laminate, Onlay’s, and much more…

The truth about cosmetic dentistry:
Find out the truth about cosmetic dentistry, the numbers, the dentist, and the results.

Digital radiography:
We’ve invested in a new way of looking into your mouth—a procedure that’s fast, comfortable, and incredibly precise. Using digital radiography, we can clearly identify all external and internal anatomical structures and accurately diagnose your dental problems.

Fixed bridge:
If you’ve lost teeth due to accident, injury, or gum disease, we can create a permanent bridge to restore your solid smile. A bridge not only fills the gap, but it also prevents repositioning of remaining teeth.

Full and partial dentures:
Imagine visiting your dentist in the morning, having a mini-implant system placed in just a few hours, and then enjoying lunch with a friend at your favorite restaurant. During your relaxing lunch, you eat comfortably, laugh, and talk with confidence as your new denture are securely and firmly held in place.

Dental Implants:
Now patients who are missing teeth have a strong, beautiful alternative to bridges, partials, or full dentures. Dental implants will improve your smile and your lifestyle. They look, feel, and function like natural teeth because of a titanium anchor attached to the jawbone. Implants can also anchor bridges, partials, or full dentures to eliminate slipping.

Dr Eugene Khaystin Cosmetic Dentistry Implantation PracticeIntraoral camera:
People seldom have a clear idea of the actual status of their dental health. Even with lights and mirrors, a patient can’t see what the dentist can – that is, until now.

Mouth guards:
Helmets, knee pads, shin guards…if you’re an avid athlete or the parent of one, you know the importance of proper protective gear. But did you know that up to 40 percent of all sports injuries involve the face? Protect your smile and your mouth with a comfortable, custom-molded mouthguard to dramatically reduce the risk of sports-related oral injury.

Oral cancer:
Oral cancer kills more people nationwide than either cervical or skin (melanoma) cancer, and only half of patients diagnosed will survive more than five years.
One American dies every hour from oral cancer. The most common risk factors are tobacco use, frequent high quantity alcohol consumption, constant sunlight exposure, habitual cheek or lip biting, or poorly fitting dentures.

Oral dental health:
Believe it or not, how you take care of your teeth and gums affects not only your oral health, but it impacts your cardiovascular health, too. Although scientists are not certain of the precise relationship between the heart and oral hygiene, studies consistently demonstrate a link.

Periodontal Therapy:
Up to 80 percent of the population unknowingly has some form of gum disease. Characterized by a persistent bacterial infection surrounding one tooth or several teeth, gum disease causes little discomfort and produces few obvious symptoms in the early stages.

Root Canal Therapy:
You’d rather have a root canal! Root canal therapy is nothing like it used to be. Many patients even take a nap during root canal therapy.

Dental Sealants:
Many people have deep pits and grooves in their teeth where bacteria and food particles can hide and cause decay. Children with poor brushing habits may also develop decay on hard-to-reach molars.

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